About Us

Almost 30 years ago, Barry Maxfield installed one of the very first domestic wastewater treatment systems in Queensland. He established a business, built on trust, quality and good old fashioned service. Today, his son Jamie Maxfield has established Maxfield's Wastewater- a company which prides itself on the same morals. With 18 years experience in the wastewater industry and with a reputation in his field for outstanding product knowledge and an honest approach, Jamie is intent on delivering only the very best products and service. 

Wastewater Treatment Process                   wastewater treatment system

Jamie has found that in his experiences, there is always a way. Too many times we are told that we can't do something. At Maxfield's Wastewater, this is not the case. Jamie has an open approach and meets you onsite, discussing all the possible solutions for a new wastewater solution. Often we all want something different, or have a particular want or need. This is not a problem either. Jamie works in with your different wants, needs, circumstances or budgets to come up with a wastewater solution that suits you and your family. 

Jamie is also conscious that in most circumstances, your local council needs to be satisfied that the wastewater treatment system you are installing at your property is licensed and suitable for your home. Maxfield's Wastewater takes care of all council approvals can even include any council charges when quoting.  

With emphasis on providing only the best products, Maxfield's Wastewater provides the very best wastewater treatment system on the market for the very best price. The Earthsafe Wastewater Treatment System treats more waste per day than any other system on the market. It is also approved to do so, which means council know you have the biggest and the best system available. What this means to you is that during peak times in your home, the system will not have odours and be able to cope with large washing loads and bathroom loads, unlike other systems. All this for a price that is on par with other systems on the market capable of treating 50% less water per day.