Common Septic Tank Problems
Posted on 03 Aug 2015
Septic tanks are an environmentally friendly waste solution with a long list of benefits but like all things in life they aren’t perfect. Given their nature, it’s not hard to believe many common septic tank problems have the potential to escalate and cause unsavoury repercussions if left unattended.
Septic Trenches and Household Sewage Systems - Which is Better?
Posted on 24 Sep 2014

Through my years of experience investigating the problems with all onsite wastewater facilities, one thing remains true- if you look after it, it will look after you. Well, within reason of course. The old septic system is the kind of thing that doesn’t really spark up much fascinating conversation at a dinner party, nor does it make you richer, smarter or more attractive to the opposite sex. But much like in the movie Meet The Parents, when you have a problem with your septic trenches, you’ll have everyone’s attention.