About the Earthsafe System

What do you want with a wastewater treatment system installed at your home? Perhaps the question is, what don't you want? The answers we generally hear are very common- We don't want smells, noise and problems. It's a simple request but many wastewater treatment systems on the market experience these problems. It's fair to say that a system that is capable of treating household waste at any time, along with a simple design with the least amount of pumps and moving parts possible, is going to be the best. 

Maxfield's Wastewater is happy to be providing the Earthsafe wastewater treatment system to Queensland families. A system that is recogn ised as being able to treat more waste per day than any other system on the market. This means that when your system is under load, as is the case when Mum, Dad and the kids come home after a hard day to shower, cook and clean or when it's time to do back to back loads of laundry, the Earthsafe stands above every other system. Why is this? By using an advanced clarification process and incorporating a dual treatment system, the Earthsafe has achieved recognition by all councils in Queensland to treat more waste than any other domestic system on the market.

Lastly, the Earthsafe water treatment system is 100% Australian made and owned. The system is manufactured in Brisbane and the system is covered by a comprehensive warranty. Maxfield's Wastewater is proud to back a local product that is by far the best system available on the domestic market.

The Earthsafe system is available in Secondary, Advanced Secondary and NR standards. This means that Maxfield's Wastewater can meet requirements on any site depending on what is required in your wastewater design.

Earthsafe System