Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I use in my home?

The use of some household cleaning products is the biggest threat to any wastewater treatment system. Products that aren’t safe can cause a breakdown in the bacteriological growth and wellbeing, and lead to odours and poor readings of suspended solids on your final effluent. In some council areas, this can also lead to a failure of grab samples. You may have heard that with some systems you can use whatever you like. This isn’t true, as all onsite sewage systems run on natural occurring bacteria to work properly- even septic tanks.

Therefore there are a number of slogans to look out for on cleaning products that can be helpful when selecting a safe product in your home. The quickest and easiest way for you to find products that are safe to use in the household is to look for the following phrases-

  • Safe for Septic Systems
  • Safe for grey water systems
  • Septic Safe

 These are the common terms that the maker of the product will use to show that they have been tested and are not harmful to the bacteria in your system. If you are unsure of whether your products are safe, it is best to discuss with me on service, and I can have a closer look and see which are safe and not. The other key point, is that when you have found products that are safe, you should stick with them and use them all of the time.

I have always recommended the use of Citrus Circle cleaning products. They are locally owned and made and can be bought in bulk. Talk to me about trying some out.

What should I do when my alarm comes on?

The alarm for your wastewater treatment system is there to let you know if there is a mechanical problem with your system. This can be in place as a light or light and audible alarm, and located inside the home or on top of the wastewater treatment system.

It is important to remember that if your alarm does come on, to act promptly. This can usually wait overnight, but particularly when water is being used in the home, you should contact me as soon as possible. This can be done my phone call, text or email. You can even send me a contact form from the website which will come to be immediately.

What does it mean when my alarm comes on?

Usually this means that there is a problem with one of the pumps in your system. Below is a list of problems relating to the pumps and other problems that can occur. This can be helpful when troubleshooting a problem with a wastewater treatment system.

Submersible Pump

  • May have stopped working due to mechanical failure
  • May be blocked at pump
  • Irrigation hose may be kinked
  • Sprinklers may be blocked
  • Sub-surface irrigation (where applicable) may have failed or become blocked

Aerator Pump

  •  May have stopped working due to mechanical failure
  • Air alarm tube may have become disconnected or blocked

Other Reasons an Alarm May be Activated          

  •  Fault with alarm device inside system
  • Excessive rain causing water to enter system
  • Water in electrical controls from rain
  • Backup following power outage

What areas do you service?

We service a large number of areas all throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. For more information on how wastewater systems are managed in these areas, click on the links below.