Upgrading Your Septic Tank

A common problem with older septic tanks and trenches is that all of sudden there is a terrible odour from the system, usually at the most inconvenient time. It can make for an uncomfortable conversation when guests are over. The other symptom of a failed septic system is that there is dirty water surfacing in the yard. This is a sign that septic trenches are failing and need attention. 

There is often more than one option when it comes to septic trenches and grey water treatment systems. They can sometimes be repaired or replaced. There is also the option to upgrade the older systems as well. Maxfield's Wastewater pride on giving you all the options when it comes to your septic tanks system.

Often with septic tanks, they are installed close to the house, and are usually placed in area that causes annoyance or restricts options to be able to renovate or build other structures. This is very common and we have a range of solutions to get around this. Maxfields Wastewater can meet you onsite and go through the options available and achieve something that suits your home and your family.

 Upgrade septic tank