Installing New Septic Systems

Installing New Septic Systems

If you’re developing or building a new home on acreage, one of the very first things you’ll be required to do by your local council is provide your Wastewater Plan. This can be an intimidating and confusing part of your build, and often leaves property owners stumped.

You cannot begin construction on an unsewered block without a watertight wastewater plan. Make sure you get the first piece of the puzzle right!

How Can Maxfield’s Wastewater Help?

We pride ourselves on our ability to guide landowners through the entirety of the Wastewater Plan process. Where other providers might only install your treatment device, we dedicate time to visit clients on site, listen to their plans, and then provide a full consultation.

We’ll be able to give you professional guidance on which system best suits your needs, and we’ll build you a custom wastewater design for your project. Crucially, this will be delivered in a format that is accepted by both builders and councils, meaning you can simply pass this on as necessary.

What Mistakes Can We Help You To Avoid?

The biggest mistake that we see people make with their wastewater plan is not being fully informed of exactly what they need to show to the council/ builder, and not knowing just how many options they have.

Because of this uncertainty, landowners can make costly mistakes, or find themselves getting ripped off by providers looking to make a quick buck.

Maxfield’s Wastewater can also prevent you from making the wrong choice for your property in terms of the dispersal of treated water. Treated water should be used for the maintenance of gardens on your property, and a one size fits all proposal won’t fully take this into account.

A custom design will enable you to use clean, safe water in a way that boosts the health and appearance of your property.

Whether you choose to use treated water to mulch your garden beds, or you pump it directly to your overground sprinklers, make sure you’re making the most of the opportunity.

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