Home Sewage Treatment Plants

Installing and servicing all brands of sewage and wastewater treatment systems in the rural south east

With council regulations constantly becoming stricter, Home Sewage Treatment Plants are the permanent solution for the future.

Almost every new rural block will require one of these systems, and most septic upgrades on existing homes will require a Home Sewage Treatment Plant at some stage in the near future. Home sewage treatment plants are a very reliable option for your home and we look for the following features when choosing the right system for you:

There are a number of options including concrete or poly tanks and small and large systems to cater for your home.

We cater to meet what we think is best for your property. There are options of poly or concrete tanks, as well as tanks that suit small homes, granny flats and large homes and beyond as well. Contact us to arrange a site visit and we can go through all of the options with you.

Quarterly Servicing of your system

We service your system for no charge for the first 12 months. Following this the cost of servicing your system is under $100 a service. This ensures that your wastewater remains the safest, best quality possible. We give you a comprehensive report after each service and report to council to meet their requirements. We are always on hand for any questions you might have and guarantee the safe running of your system for its lifetime. We are on call 24/7.

Installing your new system

Whether it is a new home or if you have an existing system that needs updating, we will arrange a free appointment to work out the best option for you and your home. We arrange excavation, pump outs, electrical connection, drain connection and council application/certification. All of our systems carry council approvals and also have a steadfast guarantee.

Wastewater Design

A wastewater design or site and soil evaluation is needed on your property prior to installing a new type of wastewater system or when making changes to your current system. We arrange this as the first part of this process. This is the most important part of the process as it determines the position of the tank and irrigation area. Talk to us about arranging your wastewater design.

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